Fight Back PAC will only be successful if it stays true to the grassroots where the true power resides. We will need grassroots energy, ideas and input into what our priorities should be. To accomplish that, we are assembling a nationwide council of citizen-activists who have been alarmed by the rise of Donald Trump and his effort to steamroll democracy in pursuit of his dangerous agenda. The Advisory Council will be our eyes and ears on the ground, alerting us to promising Democratic candidates, particularly egregious Republican incumbents and generally spreading the word about Fight Back PAC to their political-activist networks, friends and families.

Activist Council

Boston, MA
Nora Harrington

Denver, CO
Bobby Clark
Jessica Rogers

Memphis, TN
Susan MacKenzie

New York City
Vanessa Wruble

Oklahoma City, OK
Joe Miano

Philadelphia, PA
Suzanne Biemiller

Phoenix, AZ
Robyn James
Julie Brown
Romannie Marsalis

Portsmouth, RI
Brandon Elliott

Salt Lake City, UT
Annabel Sheinberg

San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
Annie Adams

Seattle, WA
Zachary DeWolf

Northern Virginia
Kimberly Smith
Britton Smith

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