Smart, Strategic Resistance

Fight Back PAC has assembled a team of some of the best and brightest politicos to execute a clearly defined mission: we will run smart television and media campaigns to defeat Trump’s Republican accomplices in Congress and in statehouses across the country.


Until we take Congress back, we will be limited in what we can do to stop Trump’s dangerous agenda. But winning back Congress would give the Democrats a very important tool: a Democratic Congress can conduct real investigations and ultimately impeachment proceedings—the best way to stop Trump! We will work in close coordination with our grassroots allies who are already mobilizing the “boots on the ground.” But, unfortunately, money is still the name of the game in winning elections. That’s why we need to amass a grassroots funded “Small Money” war chest to enable us to pay for the campaign ads and mailers needed to win in critical districts. In this way, we will provide the “air cover” for those all-important grassroots efforts.


While federal elections will be our primary focus, state level elections are also enormously important. Redistricting and gerrymandering for Congressional districts happen at the state level. The Republicans have done such a good job at prioritizing state-level races, they’ve dominated the redistricting process, which has made winning back Congress extremely difficult. So we will invest in state level races to fight back against Republican gains. This year, the Virginia House of Delegates election present the next opportunity to rebuke Trump at the ballot box—where it counts! We will pick a few key races and make our presence known loud and clear.

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