Smart, Strategic Resistance

Fight Back PAC has assembled a team of some of the best and brightest politicos to execute strategic actions to fight Trump and his agenda in Congress. We will work in close coordination with our grassroots allies who are already mobilizing the “boots on the ground.” In this way, we will provide the “air cover” for those all-important grassroots efforts.

What does this type of resistance look like?

For one thing, we need to fight the harmful legislative agenda that threatens to jeopardize the health and economic security of so many struggling Americans. From disastrous health care “reform” to a budget that eviscerates funding for public education—all in the name for bigger and bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest among us—the Trump agenda must be stopped at all costs.  So while our grassroots allies are fighting the fight at town halls, marches and calls and emails to their Representatives, we can provide advertising targeting Senators and Members of Congress whose votes we need to defeat legislation that advances Trump’s agenda. Ideally, we will take these actions in cooperation with our allies, because together, we are even more powerful.

Another example is taking joint actions at the state and local level. For instance, redistricting and gerrymandering for Congressional districts happen at the state level. The Republicans have done such a good job at prioritizing state-level races, they’ve dominated the redistricting process, which has made winning back Congress extremely difficult. So we will invest in state level races to fight back against Republican gains. This year, the Virginia House of Delegates election present the next opportunity to rebuke Trump at the ballot box—where it counts! We will work with our partners to pick a few key races and make our presence known loud and clear.

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