Expand the Map

Let’s face it, we can’t win back Congress if we don’t make more races competitive. The same can be said of many state legislatures. So one of the top objectives of Fight Back PAC will be expanding the electoral map. We will pay close attention to races the institutional “big money” have written off, but which could be viable with proper financial support. This will be the sweet spot for Fight Back PAC. With strong financial intervention, we can make more Republicans vulnerable. We won’t invest your money recklessly, but we will take calculated risks to make as many races competitive as possible. 

First-Time Candidates

Trump’s election has triggered record numbers of everyday citizens taking the plunge and running for office. These people need our financial support: they’re putting themselves out there for us, we should be there for them as they pave the way to new Democratic majorities.

Grassroots Grantees

Finally, we will devote a portion of our budget to supporting small grassroots organizations in critical need of operational funding. Rather than spending their time raising money to keep the lights on, we need them to be organizing activists and voters and making a difference in their communities.

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