Turning a movement into a Political Powerhouse

These are unsettling times. Yet the organic anti-Trump grassroots movement is an inspiration. Town Hall disruptions. Millions of women (and men!) marching. Hundreds of thousands of us are Indivisible and Swinging Left. Millions of Daily Actions: Postcards to Congressmen. Calls to Senators. Protests at politicians’ homes and offices. We are already fighting back with a unified message that we are better than Donald Trump’s hateful vision for our country.


Now it’s time to take it to the next level to take our country back.


Introducing Fight Back PAC: Small money, big power

Deep-pocketed “big money” special interests have known how to do this for years. They simply form a Super PAC and write a check when they want to pay for advertising to influence a key vote or an election. There’s a Super PAC for Donald Trump. The Koch brothers have a Super PAC. The big banks and wealthy corporations have Super PACs. Big Oil has a Super PAC. The Christian Right has a Super PAC.


There are also Super PACs on our side making a difference. But it’s time the grassroots had their own Super PAC. We won’t answer to any large donors or rely on institutional “Big Money.” Instead, we will be funded primarily by “Small Money”—contributions from every day Americans who want to take on Donald Trump and his divisive, democracy-threatening agenda.  As far back as Howard Dean’s “you have the power” movement… all the way through Obama’s “yes we can” and Bernie Sanders “feel the Bern,” the “small money” movement has shown that together, we can amass big power by pooling our resources. Sanders raised well over $100M in those famous $27 donations. Now we need to flex this financial muscle again to fight the gravest threat our core American values have ever faced: Donald Trump.

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